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The attorneys of Ford & Britton PC apply innovative strategies to the litigation of complex legal matters. Instead of using the same actions and procedures employed by law firms for decades, our attorneys use an innovative approach to representing the client and achieving verifiable results. These actions enable us to shorten the litigation timeline while at the same time producing positive results in accurate case evaluation, pursuit of dispositive motions and successful trials.


We consider every client of our firm as though they were our only client. Every matter referred to us will receive the attention and activity required to ensure positive outcomes for both the insured (the person or entity being sued), and the customer (the insurance company or self-insured who retains our services). The time and attention to detail of our attorneys will protect the individuals and companies we represent from unwarranted and frivolous lawsuits and judgments.


Client representatives expect that their questions be answered, their required reports be provided in a timely fashion and, on a basic level, and that their telephone calls are promptly returned. The attorneys of Ford & Britton will not make our clients wait for our advice and counsel. We will provide timely answers to questions posed by our clients in an informed and thorough manner. Our clients have responsibilities to report to their chain of command in a quick and efficient manner and we have the same responsibility to those who retain our services.

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